Elder Jerry Healan
Yahweh's Evangelical Assembly

"The Menorah Shines On The Torah"
      New Moon Day     Sep 26th, 2022
  Feast of Trumpets      Sep 27th, 2022
  Day of Atonement      Oct 6th, 2022 (starts eve of 5th)
Feast of Tabernacles    Oct 11th thru 17th, 2022
         Last Great Day    Oct 18th, 2022


I love your teaching literature and use it frequently. Rest assured I give credit where credit is due. RE/FL

Knowing the truth means a lot and helps me know our Messiah. JM/WV

If ever there was a time when truth was needed, now would be that time, and if ever there was a place that revealed that trth, Y.E.A. would be that place. Thank you for bringing truth to the world. May Yahweh bless you all! JS/PA

Bible Correspondence Course Lesson 2 Comment: This is a great study. I hope that many more will come to know the truth before its too late. DM/FL

Bible Correspondence Course Lesson 5 Comment: Thank you very much. I'm glad I met a good friend in here who told me about YEA. I would have never known what I know now if it hadn't been for him and you all at YEA. May Yahweh bless you all. JA/TX

I have recently bee introduced to your publication of Yahshua's Witness Magazine and the Bible studies. I am truly amazed and desire the true teachings of Yahweh. Coming from a background of the common churchianity teachings, I long for the true teachings as in your publications. May I request your amazing Yahshua's Witness Magazine and be included in the Bible Correspondence program? This time of incarceration is His calling for me to be discipled in Yah's truth, to bring myself and family to follow the true teachings of Yahweh. I thank you for all you send. Your publication is a true blessing that I long to read and study. DR/NV

Shalom! Greetings fellow beloved. I would just like to say thank you for doing the work you do. I would like to contribute either money or stamps to help with the cost of everything. It may not be all that much, but I would like to send what I can. Please let me know which you would prefer since I notice that you do not use stamps all that much. TH/NV

Dear Brother Healan,
Greetings in Yahshua's name. I was encouraged to write you this letter for the following purpose. I am from Honduras, Central America. I came to the U.S.A. in the year 2000, looking for a better life...since my country is one of the poorest countries in the world. Unfortunately, I became involved in drug activity that led me to the place I am today. It has been a great experience, because instead of suffering...what I found is a great spring of blessings...which is Yahweh's Evangelical Assembly (in Messiah).

After taking so many Bible courses from different places, I came across Yahshua's Witness Magazine. (I have been locked up since March 2008.) Eventually, I started taking your Bible study course and since the...my life has changed dramatically. What I found in this assembly is the deepest truth of the Bible. Nowhere else will I find these teachings. Of course, Yahweh's Word is the Truth. Yahshua is the Truth. But even though people have the word at hand, they don't study it with an open mind and a humble heart. I was one of those people before, but after learning of Yahweh's plan of salvation, my life has changed.

I have a lot of plans for the future. My priority in life now is to serve Yahweh and Yahshua. I'm also planning to get married and form my family and teach them and others the truth of the Bible.

I will get out of prison in six months (3/11/14) and I will be deported back to my country - Honduras. I will bring with me everyone of the items you've sent me. Though I don't bring a lot of money to my family, I bring a lot of knowledge in the Bible that will help us to have a productive and enriched spiritual life, and prepare us for the coming of our loving Savior.

I would like to mention something concerning the list of items I have. Because new articles, booklets, tracts, and special magazine have been produced, I would like to know if I can get a new list of items to actualize my requests. I would like to have everyone of your items, but because I have short time and can't order more than eight items, I will order the most important (everyone is important to me. When I say the most important ones, I am focused on those items that really can help people in Honduras to come out of Babylon) items to bring with me to Honduras. I wonder if I still can receive the Yahshua's Witness Magazine and requested items in Honduras. The Newsletter is also very important and I would like to receive it also. I want to be actualized to what's happening in the assembly and concerning holy days.

Me and my mom are planning to buy a property and build a place for our meetings, celebrate holy days, etc., etc. We've been planning this for almost five years now and all she's doing is waiting for me to start that project. We're planning also to build a place for homeless children, help widow women, and help elderly people. This is not easy, but it is not impossible. After all, that's how our Father and Savior are glorified. It's not about us, it's about Yahshua. We are just simple workers, ambassadors for Him on earth. Our citizenship is in heaven and our job is to do our Father's will.

After having this experience - coming to prison - and learning the Truth of the Bible, I found out that my purpose in life is to bring Yahweh's message to my country. After Catholicism, the biggest religion in Honduras is Christianity, therefore, the whole country is in darkness. The doctrine of Yahweh will be a totally new thing for them and is my job to speak the Truth, because as with great power there is great responsibility, also with great knowledge there's great responsibility. I am not a great teacher. Until I take the first steps I will start learning how to be so. That's a great responsibility and it isn't something to play with. I always consider James 3:1 when talking about this matter.

My family is not a rich family, but I believe that if we are together in one accord, like the young assembly of Acts 1:14 we will make...Yahweh will make this possible. It will be possible if Yahweh will work through us to build that place. Honduras is an extremely poor country and needs help desperately. We may not reach the whole country. All we can do is plant the seed, and Yahweh will make the rest.

Yahweh is doing great things around the world. After reading this letter, you can see that your work is bearing fruit. We will follow Yahweh's Assembly doctrine until the end. The time is getting closer and closer for the Messiah to come to rule this world with a perfect government.

Dear Brother Healan, I will appreciate your answer about if I still can receive your literature in Honduras, and about the items list. Love in Yahshua, WC/IN

Hello, my name is Maurice M...... and I am currently at a prison in PA. I want to tell you how I came across the publication of your magazine. I went to church one Sunday and the sermon was on law. I was confused a little about what the preacher had said, "The law was put away by Jesus," but at the next sentence said to follow the law of Jesus. So that made me want to study for myself. I read the Old Testament law and some things Jesus had said. And, to me, they seemed similar in what constitute context. So I prayed and asked for knowledge about it. Two days later I was walking iup the block and this guy aked me if I wanted something to read. I said yes, and he handed my your Apr.-Jun. 2012 issue of the magazine. First, I read "Covered by the Blood" article and understood this is way deeper than what the church leads us to believe. The point is, I want to learn more. I would like to receive your newsletter and a list of any other material that you may have to help with this journey. It would be greatly appreciated. And being that I'm not doing life in here, I give you my word as a man that you will receive my change of address when I leave to help save you money, and when I can, I'll send some to help the cause! Thank you for your time and effort! MM/PA

I am writing to let you know that I am sending a $20 donation, because your ministry had helped me in so many ways. From your studies, literature, and magazines I have been able to grow so much in Yahshua with your inspiring writing. May Yahweh continue to bless you in all you do for Him. TW/PA

Thank you for providing me with your magazines and literature. It has been a blessing to me for all these years including the ones I spent incarcerated. I write to thank you, and to help with some funds because I know that it is worth it to try to reach as many needy as I myself was very needy, especially at the time when I needed it the most. May Yahweh bless you and your congregation and keep the prayers lit for those coming out of the jail system who are tempted by Satan to go back to their evil ways. Shalom! MH/TX

I want to thank you so much for your studies and your many publishings that I've received from you in the past years. The Ruach Ha Qosesh is working, operating mightily in you. I'm now finishing another chapter in my life...prison... Soon I'll complete a final phase of the sex offender treatment program. I should be out by November, Yahweh willing. I came in a Christian from the Independent Fundamental Baptist denomination background. I was witnessed to by Messianics, received, believed the Besorah of truth, especially, specifically when my spirit was opened to recieve a gladness of truth in the names Yahweh and Yahshua because a Christian preached on His true name was Yahweh. I thank Yahshua Who gave me a distant teacher such as you, a man I've never met, who has touched my heart & spirit from afar, yet so close. I consider you my mentor and hopefully will see you soon. If, by chance we shouldn't, then we will at the trumpet call whether we are vertical or horizontal (alive or dead). Please keep me in prayer so I may fully, wholly understand Dt. 28:1-14. I feel like Ancient Israel who came out of the desert and moved boldly into the promised land. I claim His promises as I enter into this unknown chapter of my life. I want to be brave and confident like Caleb and Yahshua, to stand as they did. I trust in the Ruach Ha Qodesh to lead me to the proper place so I can do the job He has prepared for me to do. I want to go where He leads me, and I hope against hope in my leap of faith as He goes forward for me blessing the work of my hands & heart. Pray that my works will blossom in fruition according to His will. In Messiah, F/TX

Comment on Bible Correspondence Course Lesson 10: This lesson had helped me to clarify the days surrounding Yahshua's last days before His resurrection. Also the time of Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread and Feast of Weeks. And it has helped me to understand the meanings behind these feasts. Yahweh's plan of redemption through Yahshua our Messiah. I thank you so much for these lessons that have helped me to understand Yahweh's plans for the end times, and Yahshua's return. May Yahweh bless you in all your endeavors to bring people to the truth. Thank you. DG/WV

Comment on Bible Correspondence Course Lesson 12: Reading and studying throughout this course has served the purpose of getting my eyes opened. I've learned a lot and will teach the Word of Yahweh to all that want to learn. Thank you all at YEA for your wonderful works through Yahshua. Shalom. LS/FL

I've been reading every single booklet, magazine, and tracts you've sent me and have finished every single one of them. I am so very enlightened and am so thirsty for the new found true Sacred Scriptures & names and all the revelation I've received from all your literature. I can just see it all forming & intertwining & witnessing to itself through Scripture & the ancient Hebrew heiroglyphics, Paleo, Modern Day Hebrew language. It is so awesome and any person that will even give it a moment to read and listen will, without a doubt see the truth. There is just no way to discredit or not acknowledge the FACTS! I will be sharing this with all who will cross my path, family, friends, neighbors, & strangers alike. Please do continue to send me more material. Thank you and Yahweh bless you. CL/TX