Yahweh's Evangelical Assembly


We received a letter from a prisoner named Joey Dauben wherein he queried concerning any type of re-entry program that we might have for men and women who are being released from incarceration. He writes: We have several Messianic brothers from DFW about to be released. I was Messianic 9 years before I was locked up, but now I am a certified "Re-Entry Crisis Counselor" here at Lynaugh Unit and we are working with our (A) Messianic brothers, (B) our Faith-based dorms, (C) general population men/brothers to get them ready for the free world. I've got a heavy burden on my heart for Messianic brothers/sisters set to leave prison. I do not advocate sending them to Sunday churches for religious release programs, but I am a "networker." We will need free-world Torah teachers like yourself to shepherd these men/women.

Currently, we've got numerous written, drafted, typed, drawn plans, business plans, etc. for at least one (1) half-way house. I know Yahshua will bring together the financial resources and the land/infrastructure to make these dreams a reality.

Basically, I wanted to keep you up-to-date on our efforts from the inside. You have a large following, esp. in Texas, and maybe as a secondary request, I'd like to see what you think of placing a bit of info about "Messianic" Re-Entry Resources in a future article/section of your web-site. We will have thousands of Yahshua followers leaving prisons. We gotta get ready for them!" End of letter excerpt.

Brethren, it has been on my heart also to resurrect Yahweh's Vineyard of Refuge for the very purpose of serving these men and women who need help to re-enter this maddening, frantic, and chaotic world that we are living in.

We have an opportunity to purchase a meeting hall on 2.4 acres of property which also has a three bedroom, two bath manufactured house on it. The meeting hall itself also has a one bedroom, one bath apartment built on it. This would be a perfect place to at least help 3-5 men on a release program. We have utilized the hall for special holy day meetings in the past. The owner has perished and her children are putting it up for sale. The price is $145,000.00. If you are led to help us acquire this property, and initiate the Yahweh's Vineyard of Refuge (YVR).

You can view this property at Keithcrowrealty.com It is 360 County Road 331.

We would truly appreciate you help. May Yahweh bless you.